Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009-Climate Change and the family

Now is the time to take action on Climate Change: the most talked about and most blogged topic for the day! What will be the future for the mother and her family if Climate Change is not properly tackled? All over the world, families and livelihoods will be affected in the future with increase in green house gas emissions which causes a drastic change in the climate. This is a global threat and will adversely affect families, individuals, communities and countries at large.

Today being Blog Action Day, the blogosphere is shedding more light on how best we can support a good course of bridging the global warming gap and its effects on the climate by spreading the word and being heard.

How does Climate Change affect the livelihood of the family? It is often said that women are more vulnerable to the impact on societies of which climate change is a contributing factor. How true is that? Climate Change results in poverty, drought, poor health among others.

By ensuring a safer and secure world, we not only eradicate poverty, poor health or drought which results in food shortage and eventually death in living organisms including humans.

Women are the most affected in the society when it comes to Climate Change since they are the primary carers of their wards. Children also suffer the most in terms of changes in the environment with all kinds of ailment associated with increase in atmospheric temperatures resulting from global warming. It is often said that when a child is sick, the mother gets sick too (literally). Concerns about her children therefore allows her to use the most effective methods of reducing green house gas emissions if she has the means to do so like using the most effective methods in cooking, lighting and commuting only to mention a few.

To act positively on Climate Change, we ought to step out this day to reduce our energy consumption and the amount of carbon dioxide our diverse lifestyles contribute to the atmosphere which comprises our environment. Let us turn off the lights when we leave our rooms, turn off the taps, use more energy efficient bulbs, drive less and find alternative ways of commuting and more importantly create the awareness. We can ALL take serious actions TODAY to  avoid the catastrophic consequences of global warming because Climate Change does not only affect the poor in the society but the affluent as well.

Together we stand, divided we fall!! Let us all join hands to leave a safe and a greener future for the next generation.

Children are OUR FUTURE.


  1. I like the linkage you have shown here. It is excellent. the society affects us more than we know.

  2. That is so true Nana, indirectly we are being affected.